We need to redesign our old page. As it is a towing service, it is important that the client can contact us easily and quickly. We would like to have a modern look and make the site reliable.


We have chosen a simple WordPress-based solution for this project. At the top of the page the focus is on contact information so that the customer can see it right away. After introducing the services offered, the site will answer the most frequently asked questions that clients in need tend to have. In an unpleasant situation, where an event requiring a towing service is needed, the customer will know how to proceed.

Used technologies

  • CMS: WordPress
  • Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

Provided services

  • Complete services from domain purchase, hosting, emails, databases
  • Setting up WordPress
  • Graphic services
  • tailored CSS and HTML code changes
  • Designing a simple logo