We focused primarily on the visual impression, as these are concrete design elements.
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The Artecon company operating on the Polish market is expanding to Slovakia. They contacted us with the fact that they need to create a web presentation for their products in Slovakia. The basis was to prepare the site for future translations and also to prepare it for a possible future e-shop. In the beginning, they plan to showcase the products so that a client can contact them about a specific product. Apart from simple specs, they provided only some product photos.

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For this project, we chose a solution based on WordPress + Woocommerce. We focused primarily on the visual impression, as the products are designer pieces made out of concrete.



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Custom code

Each project is unique and requires a unique code


Custom design

Each page is unique and must be unique in its design

Custom website

The main page was designed based on the SEE – THINK – DO – CARE model, where the first part focuses on visitors who are on the web for the first time and are looking for general information. The second part is product based and addresses the “DO” group and finally the third part focuses on customers in the “THINK” phase, where the products are showcased in the real world.

Tamed marketing monsters

Ako sme pomohli spoločnosti Artecon s ich projektom?
Web page design
Web applications
Graphic design
Logo a identity
Direct marketing
Digital marketing
Web admin and support

Additional services by YAMAO


Graphic services and visualizations

The project is based primarily on a pleasant visual style. Since Artecon did not have product visualizations, we helped them create them. Visualizations of individual product groups were then used on the product cards and in other parts of the website.


Webadmin and support

A website needs to be taken care of. Especially when it comes to sites built on CMS systems, where regular updates are key. Artecon ordered a regular website administration and backup from us. This way, they have a clear head and the web runs in the best order.

Regular backups

No worries about your website

Pravidelné updejty

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Minor adjustments included

Adjustments within 1 hour per month in the price of the package

“Some websites, especially with beautiful products, rely on a pleasant visual experience.”


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