the Support monster

(lat. Monstrum supportus),Destructive

Identification features: The monster sneaks around the internet and looks for websites that are outdated and unupdated and vigorously attacks them. In many cases, you will be left with nothing, when the attack on your website is over and you will be left with only a handful of code.

There is only one way to fight the monster. Regular backups of your website, regular updates, especially those built on CMS systems, and you can wave the monster good bye.

The process of taming of the Monstrum supportus


Let us know that you are worried about the Monstrum supportus


We will analyze the current situation and suggest further steps


We will immediately back up the website for you and set up regular backups for your websites.


We will update your website to the latest version to prevent attacks.


We will repeat the process regularly so that the monster does not have the slightest chance


Need help with the Support monster?

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