the Directmarketing monster

(lat. Monstrum Directmarketingus),Dangerous

Identification features: The monster causes non-compliance with GDPR regulations and forces you to risk heavy fines. Sometimes, on the other hand, it just hinders your efforts to collect quality customer data and makes it impossible to meet sales targets.

The Marketing monster, or Directmarketing monster, is a small, often overlooked monster that deprives companies and brands of significant profits.

The process of taming of the Monstrum Directmarketingus


Let us know that a Directmarketing monster is causing havoc, or that you need help with dealing with it.


We will analyze the current situation and suggest further steps


We will set the goals you would like to achieve.


We start taming the monster. We will audit the client database and prepare a unified communication design. We will invent automatic and manual communication that will be resistant to the monster.


We will hand over your direct marketing strategy to you and agree on further cooperation in keeping the monster under strict supervision.

How does the montster deprive you of sales?

A lot of the time it works in the shadows and you don’t even realize that it is depriving you of profits. Direct marketing is a very effective tool, especially in customer retention. It is especially important to build a quality database of clients. Everyone who is interested in your product or service is a client you want to address regularly, whether for sales generation or to build a relationship. If you do not do so yet, or you have problems with execution, you are losing significant amount of sales. We at YAMAO have extensive experience with the monster and we focus on 3 main elements.

Client database


We at YAMAO always start with a database audit. It is the building block of any successful direct marketing communication. Having a customer e-mail is no longer enough, its the personalization that sells.

Automatic communication


Challenging to set up, but once properly running, automatic communication can meet your goals better than you think and generate revenue that you did not expect.

Manual support


Manual communication is an integral part of a properly prepared direct marketing strategy. The most important and most difficult thing is to communicate the right products to the right people at the right time.


Do you need help with the Directmarketing monster?

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