the Digital marketing monster

(lat. Monstrum Digitalus Marketingus),Unsocial

Identification features: You can find it scaring your audience only on social networks and in advertising accounts. It is sometimes known as the advertising monster. It especially likes facebook and google, where it steals funds from advertising accounts by poorly targeting and setting up advertising.

Fighting it, is pretty easy if you know the monster. We fight it by setting up advertising accounts properly and precisely targeting your ads to meet your goals and generate profit.

The process of taming of the Monstrum Digitalus Marketingus


Let us know that you are bothered by the Digital marketing monster or the Advertising monster.


We will analyze the current situation and suggest further steps


We'll review your advertising accounts to make sure they're set up, and set up correctly. If you do not have them, we will help you with the initial setup.


If you've already tried setting up your own campaigns, we'll verify that everything is fine or help you run your first ads.


We'll work together to optimize your ads to generate as much revenue as possible, or to meet your exact goals.

An incorrectly set up ad campaign costs a fortune

Some companies throw away up to 50% of their digital marketing expenses out the window

A 2020 audit study by Adparlor for 50 companies found that these 50 companies wasted – or spent very inefficiently – between 12-80% of their social media budgets. Most companies have weaned 20-50% of their social media spending. These are numbers that no one would be happy with. Don’t let the scarecrow steal money from you too, turn to experts.


Do you need help with the Digital marketing monster?

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