the Identity monster

(lat. Monstrum Identitus),harmful

Identification features: A monster that does scary things in corporate identity. As an effect, companies and brands are not easily recognizable, they are bothered with inconsistency and it all looks very ununiform.

The Identity monster is not an unknown to us. We tame it with a strict design manual, of which it is simply afraid and prefers to leave you and go somewhere else.

The process of taming of the Monstrum Identitus


Let us know that you are having trouble with the identity monster.


We will analyze the current situation and suggest further steps


Together, we define the foundations on which we build your corporate identity.


We will start to tame the monster and make the first proposal for your new or renewed corporate identity.


We will give you your design manual, explain the basics of use and you can be sure that you have scared off the Identity monster for good.

Do I need a corporate identity? My stuff looks good.

When you create a brand identity, you essentially apply the values of your brand to any visual elements that will be used to promote your business. This means that a brand identity is not just a logo and consists of various marketing materials. Developing a coherent and professional brand identity is an important part of any effective brand strategy. Creating a brand identity requires research and attention to detail to create a style that successfully meets business goals and delivers the message. Once a brand identity is created, many companies provide guidance on how their brand should be represented on different media to ensure consistency.

Why is brand identity important?



A brand identity is a visual expression of your brand’s values and “personality.” The identity design basically sets the tone for your brand and can be used to evoke specific feelings in your audience.



Developing a brand identity allows you to create a consistent message across all marketing materials. Each piece should have the same basic styles and design elements to create a coherent brand package.



Brand identity will help you differentiate your business from the competition and position your brand appropriately. Developing a professional and creative identity design can help you stand out among potential customers in your market.



Creating an identity branding package will ensure that your brand is at the forefront of all your marketing materials, which helps increase brand awareness. The more your brand is placed, the more it will be in contact with consumers and the more memorable it will be.



An effective brand identity can help build customer loyalty and trust in the brand by enabling customers to establish a connection between the product and the company.


Do you need help with the Identity monster?

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