the Graphic monster

(lat. Monstrum Graphicus),Not edible

Identification features: A strong monster that likes to make a scarap with colors and pixels. It changes RGB to CMYK and sometimes rasterizes images.

We have been dealing with it for several years and we know how it is. To defeat him, we always have to define the basic color palette, font and fine-tune everything so that the monster itself gives up and prefers to go scare elsewhere.

The process of taming of the Monstrum Graphicus


Let us know that the graphic monster is scaring you, or that you need help to fight it.


We will analyze the current situation and suggest further steps


Send us the graphic materials you have. Logo, design manual, color scale and tell us what it should all look like.


We will start tame the monster and make a proposal according to your assignment.


We will hand over the graphics to you and we can embark on further cooperation in taming other monsters

We tame the monster on several fronts

Offline / Print

We will provide the final graphic design and materials for print, whether its brochures, billboards or any other graphics according to your specifications.


If you need graphic design for the online world, you are in the right place. We will prepare graphics for social networks, websites or any other online medium.

Marketing campaigns

Do you need a mix that looks uniform and good everywhere? Contact us and we will prepare everything that the Monsterus Graphicus itself will stay away from.


Do you need help with the Graphics monster?

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